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Our #1 Priority is…

Safety. In all considerations, big or small, safety reigns supreme. This is not only because we view every team member as a part of the larger Goliath Snubbing family and want to ensure their ongoing protection—but a safer work environment is also a more productive one! A safe work environment allows us to remain in the field longer, not having to deal with delays due to any unfortunate incidents or unsafe circumstances.

This means no cut corners. No compromises. No overlooked details that could undermine the quality or efficiency of our work.

Because we’re so committed to this value, we’ve established a flawless safety record that ensures the ongoing health of all workers and the integrity of all well or field setups, all while keeping public safety and wellbeing at the forefront of our minds.

Corporate Safety Policy

Goliath Snubbing strictly complies with all industry codes and regulations, implementing best practices in order to meet and exceed all official standards. This standard is maintained by comprehensive and ongoing employee education and training, updated on an annual basis.

Goliath Snubbing is part of a wide network of safety organizations, and has been proudly recognized as a top-performer in the field! We require all employees to actively participate regular health and safety programs in order to constantly achieve our goal of completing contracts with absolutely no injury, accidents, asset loss, or environmental damage.

All new hires undergo extensive safety training, while team supervisors and managers constantly undergo trade-specific certification to ensure field personnel have the knowledge and resources they need to complete their duties according to national standards.

At the same time, since our work requires clear minds and constant focus, random drug testing and alcohol screening ensures that substance abuse has never been and never will be an issue at Goliath Snubbing, affirming the standards to which we adhere.

Member Organizations

Prime Essential

This network was established in order to give company owners and operators the ability to easily manage their health, safety, and industry qualifications through training, administrative processing, and record-keeping.

“Goliath Snubbing was the first company to sign up with SafesitesEP in 2008. Since then our company has doubled in size, contributed greatly to the efforts of the staff at SafesitesEP and Safetydatanet. They helped us acquire and maintain our COR and with their due diligence we maintain an A+ rating in safety performance and prequalification. They helped us equip all of our vehicles with GPS tracking which in turn has reduced maintenance, fuel costs and speeding infractions.

The Safetydatanet has inevitably taken over our entire safety monitoring, records keeping, hazard tracking, and field safety paperwork as well as providing us with safety leadership and motivation. They even created “over the top” incident investigation/emergency road kits for us. In short the SafesitesEP and Safetydatanet team have greatly exceeded all of our expectations and we look forward to growing our company with them by our side for years to come.”

-Garrett Radchenko, Owner/Operator of Goliath Snubbing Ltd.

Prime Essential – is the Safety Association for Canada’s Upstream Oil and Gas Industry. It is a constant advocate for improving the industry’s safety performance, founded on shared safety practices, ongoing team auditing, and acting as a central professional resource. Goliath Snubbing shares its ultimate vision for an incident-free Canadian oil industry.

ComplyWorks serves the Canadian oil and gas industry’s healthy, safety, and environment prequalification needs by providing active compliance monitoring systems both on a national and global basis. Through supply chain-tracking, work accounting, performance measurement, and internal feedback, ComplyWorks ensures Goliath Snubbing remains ahead of all qualification requirements.

PSAC - The Petroleum Services Association of Canada exists to represent the service, supply, and manufacturing sectors of the upstream petroleum industry, giving voice to over 260 member companies while championing the interests and values of the industry.

ISNetworld was founded to help national and international corporations connect with safe, reliable, environmentally friendly, and professional contractors across a wide variety of industries. Goliath Snubbing is proud to be a member of this valuable organization, as it shares a commitment to sustainability, quality, and corporate transparency.

Have you ever experienced any safety concerns in your work environment? Have any question about our safety standards and how we enforce them? Contact us today or fill out the form below to instigate a snubbing safety investigation.