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When it comes to snubbing in Western Canada, Goliath Snubbing has set itself apart not only by an adherence to the strictest regulatory standards and a flawless safety record—we’ve also proven ourselves as the top choice for companies who want to get the most out of their natural gas and oilfield service companies. With safety and quality at the core of all we do, our government-trained snubbing team (Enform) will work tirelessly on your behalf, taking into account your unique circumstances, production goals, schedule, and budget.

Plenty of challenges can stand in the way of maintaining a well or fully tapping into a special-situation reservoir. That’s where snubbing is able to help! Not only that, but Goliath Snubbing has developed the most cost-effective and efficient operational procedures while remaining environmentally friendly.

Snubbing – A Powerful Production Alternative

Snubbing techniques have shifted over the years, turning it into one of the most efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly well intervention techniques in the industry. It is the cornerstone of Goliath Snubbing’s service, providing Red Deer snubbing, Grande Prairie snubbing and Edson Snubbing services with a quickly growing team of top-performing owner operators that has contributed to our expanding service regions.

Goliath Snubbing offers two rig assist snubbing units with 4 sets of slips, rotary drive and ram to ram capabilities. They are rated for 5000 psi and employees are experts in safely controlling and moving the pipe. When you rely on Goliath Snubbing, you can rest assured you’ll experience only the highest:

  • Professionalism – From the beginning, we respect the fact that we’re working in your territory and on your projects. We value your specific circumstances and goals, and your priorities always rank at the top of all contract considerations.
  • Safety – Goliath Snubbing is proud to hold a flawless safety record in all operations! This is a critical record we’re not about to break, and strict safety regulation adherence underlies our every action.
  • Results – You’ve called upon our snubbing experts because you want to get the most out of your natural gas well or oilfield—and we’re here to ensure you hit the production benchmarks you need.

Goliath Snubbing is owner-operated, bringing 32+ years of combined experience to the work. We provide the perfect combination of quality work, cost-effective techniques, safety enforcement, innovative methods, and efficient processing. Our crew delivers on-site snubbing solutions, handling all components of the work so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

This involves drilling, cleanup, pipe movement, equipment transportation, well control—all performed while minimizing ground disturbance, maintaining formation, and much more.

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Are you seeking the most reliable and high-performance snubbing team for your well or oilfield? Goliath Snubbing is proud to offer industry-competitive rates, making it easier than ever to secure snubbing services you can depend on every time.

With Goliath Snubbing, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or safety while still getting the best snubbing crew by your side. It’s the perfect combination of expertise, field capability, deliverable results, and affordability!

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Pumping Division

Goliath Snubbing is proud to introduce our Pumping division. Goliath Pumping Division offers a wide range of fluid pumping and heating services for coiled tubing operations, snubbing operations, and stand alone projects – See brochure for details

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