Goliath Snubbing Logo

Who We Are

Founded in 2008, Goliath Snubbing secured its first contract and quickly distinguished itself as a snubbing company that provided superior service, expert personnel, cutting-edge equipment, and a flawless safety record. Since then, our mission continues to be:

Establish ourselves as the #1 service provider in the Canadian snubbing industry and achieve recognition from our peers as an industry leader across all fronts.

Where We Work

Goliath Snubbing is growing rapidly, expanding our service areas and growing our team to new heights. Currently, we offer premier snubbing solutions to three major regions: Grand Prairie, Red Deer and Edson, but our services are available throughout the entirety of Western Canada.

Why Choose Us

Foremost, Goliath Snubbing has set itself apart with its focus on safety above all else. We pride ourselves on having an effective company safety program, which has helped us establish a perfect non-incident record. “Goliath Safe” is a standard set through extensive training and due diligence. Through this, we’ve become an industry forerunner, showing that snubbing can be a safe and optimal natural gas and oil production solution.

Also, our experience level sets us head-and-shoulders above any competitor. Not only do we have the best operators in the industry on our team, but we constantly invest in new training, equipment upgrades, and more to out-perform all others.

Our People

Our established team is formed of a 12-man, government safety trained (Enform) crew—and we’re constantly searching for new experts and operators to bring into the fold! Owners Garrett Radchenko and Trevor Sopracolle, along with lead supervisor Graham Fraser possess a combined 32+ years of snubbing field experience. All Goliath employees are Enform-trained and certified.

Our Equipment

We hold two 5k 4-slip snubbing units—one being a single steer tri-axle and the other a tandem tri-axle with a rotary table. A third rig is in production and will be delivered by the end of this year, expanding our service capability even further. Support equipment consists of a ram-to-ram package 5.5 tongs, 4.5 handling gear, dual string equipment and hot tap kit which are all 5k sour service rated. All rigs are designed for inter-fleet interchangeability and compatibility.

All our equipment is manufactured by Edmonton Fabrication Centre, a renowned provider of the best-built snubbing equipment on the market today.